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Oonah says: I’m a retired special needs teacher who started out with a BA in French but I’ve always been a poet at heart. Honoree in the 2009 and 2011 Binnacle Competitions and three times Micro Horror Winner, I love writing and reading short stuff which is how I got here — starting in Every Day Fiction. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter or at Parallel Oonahverse where I update links to my online stories, poems and essays. Favourite poets include Gerard Manley Hopkins, Wilfred Owen, Seamus Heaney and Simon Armitage. I love Leonard Cohen’s Book of Mercy. “On My First Son” by Ben Jonson makes me cry and though I don’t like mushy stuff – that one is just too heartfelt to be classified as ‘mushy‘. An all time favourite poem, is “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning (to which I wrote a modern tribute poem “Not His Last Duchess”). I like poetry that is gutsy or funny and I hate forced rhyme. I’m looking forward to reading your work but for goodness sake read the guidelines – or at least my version of them.





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Kathleen says: I’m such a Minnesota girl, having lived in this lake-filled, loon-filled state all my life. I do, however, travel often. I’m a University of Minnesota-Twin Cities alum (BA – English) and did graduate work at Hamline University in St. Paul (MFA – creative nonfiction). I write creative nonfiction and poetry, run a blog called One Minnesota Writer, and have published work in The Minnesota Women’s Press, The Hamline Journal, Every Day Poets, and Boston Literary Magazine. I’ve taught writing workshops for the Hennepin County Library System, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota’s bereaved parents group, and the Upward Bound Program at Black Hills State University. I prefer unrhymed poetry grounded in the ordinary, in those succinct details that make us who we are. Writers who inspire me include Jim Moore, Billy Collins, Raymond Carver, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Joan Didion, Tim O’Brien, bell hooks, Patricia Hampl, and, for those less serious days, Carl Hiaasen.




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Constance says: Hi, I’m Constance Brewer and I write poetry and fiction, and also do artwork. After college I joined the United States Army as an engineer, saw bits and pieces of the world, and finally left the military to settle down in Wyoming, amid the wide open spaces. I often write missives on my blog about the nature of poetry and the surrealness of living in America’s least populous state. My poetry can be found in Ribbons, American Tanka and the New Poets of the American West Anthology. I also have work in Wyoming Fence Lines, An Anthology of Prose and Poetry put out by the Wyoming Arts and Humanities Councils as well as in the Black Dragon, White Dragon Anthology, Every Day Fiction, and Reflection’s Edge. My poetic influences and favorites include: Louise Gluck, Billy Collins, Robert Creeley, Marge Piercy, Carl Dennis, Robert Frost, Allen Ginsberg, Naomi Shihab Nye, Emily Dickinson, William Stafford, and William Shakespeare. I’m a fan of free verse, but do enjoy the occasional rhymed poem. As an editor I insist on attention to detail and poetic craft. Poems that resonate, offer a new look on a common theme, and show an awareness of language will get always get my attention.




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Jeff says: I am an IT professional, living in Georgia. Mostly. Some part of me refuses to leave Texas, where I spent most of my life. I have two daughters and two grandchildren living in Texas so that is most likely why I’ll never be free of the Lone Star State. Plus, the Mexican food is just so much better there. Besides fixing other people’s busted tech-stuff, in the employ of one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the US, I love to write. I have written song lyrics for the Houston band, Yellow Journalism. My poetry can be found in a variety of print and online journals that include Every Day Poets, as well as Strange Horizons, Shot Glass Journal, The Houston Literary Journal, Not One Of Us, Falling Star, Liquid Imagination, Illumen, and a few others. I love working for Every Day Poets. There is always something new to learn and my fellow editors are friendly folks who have been shepherding my entry into this new phase of my career. I, of course, also love the fact that I get to read a ton of poetry and pretend it’s work. Win-win for me!




Jane has been acknowledged by English-teacher colleagues as a fine writer of short stories and poems. She even once overheard colleagues discussing her work using superlative language in hushed tones. Jane taught high school special education English and history for years, but now has retired and moved on to other venues, which include lots of swimming, hiking, and crossword puzzles. She is delighted to read and comment on slush poems…or any other poems. Favorite poets include Louise Gluck, Seamus Heaney, Jimmy Santiago Baca, and Steve Kowit.



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Kristopher Carpenter is a native of Rescue, California – a small town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He has a BA in English from California State University Chico, and a great love for the poetry and verse he found  while studying there. “But felt through all this fleshy dress / bright shoots of everlastingness,” whispered Henry Vaughan in “The Retreat,” and Shakespeare’s Richard III captivated him with a cooing evil that left him forever changed. After graduation, he promptly moved to New York City and landed himself a job in the editorial department of Marvel Comics where he spent nine months arguing about Spider-Man with grown ups. Kris then moved to a position with the publishers of City Guide Magazine, Big Apple Parent and Promenade Magazine where he wrote articles on everything from ice-cream moguls, to TV Dads to where you should eat brunch. His current day job is in media creation for the New York-based Carlisle and Etcetera fashion lines, and he continues writing freelance work for numerous outlets including Promenade and the Craft Spirits website Caskers. Kris hopes to one day have a cabin in the woods where he can write a few bestselling novels.




Joshua Colwell is a college student living in western Pennsylvania. He started writing short stories when he was a child, and the words never stopped. He writes poetry, short stories, and even wrote the first six drafts of screenplay that will never see the light of day. He studies professional writing/editing at Youngstown State University. He has been published in Every Day Poets, and The Raw Alternative. He feels that all of life is a story, and that we are its writers. He especially loves poetry that takes him somewhere, hopefully to a place he has never been. Some of his favorite poets include Shel Silverstein, Natasha Trethewey , and Shaindel Beers. You can find Joshua on Twitter here: @colwell_joshua.




Sarah Marchant is a Missouri resident and university student, studying journalism, literature, and public relations. Her writing has appeared or is due to appear in Linden Avenue, Burning Word, Down in the Dirt, Metazen, Line Zero, He Was Wearing a Dress Made Out of Flowers, Every Day Poets, Poetry Quarterly, cc&d, Sparkbright, decomP, Straylight, Four and Twenty, The Poet Sanctuary, A Cappella Zoo, and Every Day Fiction. Her first chapbook of poetry entitled,  “spilled, refilled,” was published by Walleyed Press during the summer of 2012. She is a regular contributor of poetry for the Flaneur art blog. She enjoys poetry that is vivid and biting. Some of her favorite poets include Sandra Cisneros, E.E. Cummings, Sylvia Plath, and Edwin Arlington Robinson.You can find out more about Sarah at sarahmarchant.com.





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