Banked fire.
The cat sleeps
on its paws.

Our mittened hands
glad for snowballs.
Hot chocolate.
Forts dug from drifts.
Hoarfrost weighing down
ghost tree branches.

Bright embers:
the dog whines
for more dropped smores.

Joanne Merriam is a Nova Scotian living in Nashville. Her poetry has appeared in dozens of journals including The Fiddlehead, Prick of the Spindle and Third Wednesday. You can find her online at

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AN ARGUMENT IN FAVOR OF SNOW • by Joanne Merriam, 1.5 out of 5 based on 18 ratings
Posted on December 23, 2010 in Literary
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  • CDsinex

    Very nice. Takes me back me back to childhood.

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  • Roberta SchulbergGoro

    This is the first time I ever realized one could have a banked fire in a fort dug from drifts. We always banked in the living room and dug in inside the fort.

  • Vondrakker


    5 stars

  • John Im

    I liked the memory captured here of the return
    from cold making the hearth all that more
    inviting. Thank you for including the cat and
    dog in the domestic tranquility. I must be
    missing the point of the second comment.
    Perhaps she didn’t realize that the scene
    had changed from living room to snow fort.

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  • Roberta SchulbergGoro

    John Im – Your comment may have referred to mine, now #3. Yes, you are right. I read it as a single thought, not a list, and my mind didn’t make a shift to a second thought, the drift.

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