BOUNDARY • by RK Biswas


The hour arrives, and you contrive

to flee the madness of the silence following

you like a newly hatched duckling,

a piece of shell still stuck to its tail.


You run down the stairs as one possessed.

A tether around your neck. A howl

spiralling down your throat

as you gape, but cannot take that step.


You cannot take that step. You cannot take that step.

No you cannot step across the great divide

between you and humanity’s swell.

But the hour arrives. And then it goes.


The hour arrives and when it goes,

moon waxes. Water flows. Hope

droops.  Falls down like a spent flower.

Despair expands moments into hours.


Despair expands moments and the hours fill

your heart with black and briny thoughts.

Your world lies scattered and broken

like an egg upon a clean cold floor.


You reach for the handle of the door.

You try once. And then once more

to run ahead. Like an urge against

an impatiently surging tide.


Oh how you strive. How you try. And then in sudden

exhilaration you do. You do. You do succeed.

But only up to a certain point, before your terrified ears

foretell the imminence of a slamming door.




RK Biswas is a widely published writer and poet. She has won accolades for her work, including the first prize in the Anam Cara Short Story Prize 2012. Her first novel “Culling Mynahs and Crows has been published by Lifi Publications, India. Her short story collection entitled “The Vanishing man and Other Imperfect Men”is forthcoming from Lifi in 2014. Another story collection entitled “Breasts and Other Afflictions of Women” is forthcoming from Authorspress, India in 2014. She blogs at Writers & Writerisms

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Posted on April 13, 2014 in Literary
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