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  1. Author’s Showcase: Interview with CDSinex 4 Comments

    EDP: How long have you been writing poetry and why did you start? CDS: I started writing in junior high. At the time, I was what might be called a “jock,” so I was kind of a “closet” poet (in retrospect that saved me a lot of embarrassment because the poems were pretty bad.) I […]

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  2. INTERVIEW with James Graham 11 Comments

    EDP: Tell us about your first memories of poetry? J. GRAHAM: Nursery rhymes, of course – but I did also have a book of Stevenson’s ‘Child’s Garden of Verses’ which I liked a lot. Being a country child, I especially liked: The friendly cow all red and white, I love with all my heart: She […]

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  3. SHOWCASE AUTHOR INTERVIEW • Charles W. Kiley III 5 Comments

    EDP: Tell us about your first memory of encountering poetry? The first poet I recall reading seriously was Sylvia Plath, freshman year of high school. Sometimes I would grab lunch surreptitiously in the school library, and it happened that one of her books was close to my covert. I’m sure I didn’t understand a word […]

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  4. Poet’s Showcase Interview with Emily Cutler 4 Comments

    We hope you have enjoyed this week’s showcase of poems by prolific young poet Emily Cutler. Emily first appeared as one of Every Day Poet’s published authors in 2010 and she has been one of our most frequent submitters ever since. Emily was gracious enough to answer questions from our staff and allow us all […]

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  5. MANIC • by Jody Costa How to Handle Explosives Week competition winner 8 Comments

    How a darkened bed wastes time – Beneath my skin boils endlessly awake – I AM a rooftop collecting secrets and I SHOUT them back to God because In one festering instance I KNOW how life should BE. This tick, it sucks me dry, This cacophony a joy to ears detached; I hold them in the […]

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  6. CUBICLE THINKING • by Rewa Zeinati How to Handle Explosives Week competition winner 8 Comments

    (Dubai, 2011) Try writing a poem While sitting at your desk, Headset like a pilot, No music flows though, You’re just pretending, With four guys in the same space, Gentle guys yet, You really don’t wanna hear About what’s her face again, Or the way she walks in the hallway, Hips swaying like she means […]

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  7. INDEPENDENCE • by A. S. Andrews How to Handle Explosives Week competition winner 9 Comments

    Leaning on the railing near the deep steps down to the lakeshore at dusk on the fourth, I see you again looking up, the back of your sandy head tousled above your windbreaker and blue jeans, your left hand grasping a child’s, your right index finger pointing up silhouetted weeping stardust explodes echoes back delays […]

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  8. SOMETHING UNCHANCY • by Catherine Edmunds How to Handle Explosives Week competition winner 15 Comments

    They murmur, they spit, they curse the sky – but old men retreat and slam the red door rattling its skeletal decoration when fickle rain drifts into morning. The linden tree shivers and angles its twigs away from the solitary cow in the field which grazes in circles of banality beneath the safe hills of […]

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  9. THE HURT OF MAN • by Mandy Pannett How to Handle Explosives Week competition winner 8 Comments

    Backscatter with the speed of thought to Nordic tales and one   for whom the lulling hours mean curses in a stranger’s tongue like stone   in frozen bread. A dark and raven world of ice, too thick at first   to shatter-cut while hurt of man is seeding in the grass. Enough   to […]

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  10. ROCKET’S RED GLARE • by Kip HansonHow to Handle Explosives Week competition winner 8 Comments

    On this fourth day of July my eighty-seventh, perhaps, I watch those alley-boys ignite a smoky hiss of bottle-rockets, laugh at the sharp report of cherry bombs, the staccato chatter produced by a long string of cheap Chinese firecrackers. These sounds intrude, carry through the grime of a mid-city window, in this place of heroes […]

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