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  1. ISLE • by James Graham 6 Comments

    At the edge of town there’s a roundabout, like an estuary island, grassed by the shoreline, forest at its heart, young birches that seem taller every day. You cannot walk there; it will have   no history of temple-building, skirmishes between the eastern and the western clans, councils of elders. But one day when the […]

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  2. NEWTONIAN GRAVITATION • by Kenton K. Yee 1 Comment

      Mattress of wind fire Wa-whumph!  10-Gs drain your blood Jellyfish Mushroom     Kenton K. Yee has placed poetry and fiction in The Los Angeles Review, PANK, Hobart, Word Riot, elimae, Monkeybicycle, and Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, among others. A theoretical physicist working in finance in San Francisco, he is working on a novel […]

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  3. CROWHAUNTED • by Simon Kewin 5 Comments

        I cling on as tattered scraps of black plastic bags that flap on windswept wires in the shape of bats or hags, tears in the air revealing what lies beneath the veneer or in the silhouettes of rooks, scratches in the distant sky over crowhaunted woods of oaks   These are bastions these […]

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      The empty manor stands in the manner of a children’s tale gone awry; a hot air balloon, tethered, full-bloom rises above clouds, still inside. No sand on this shore, but rocks on the floor and still the moon’s pull is asserted: the tide runs on through, a picturesque view, but of life, the place […]

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  5. EVEN GODS HAVE NAMES • by Kaolin Imago Fire 3 Comments

      The daughter of Zephyrus blows gently, warmth from her breath wetting the ocean air to quell the lightning that so beautifully frames her cumulonimbus locks and cirrus wisps and two lovers running along a beach: The daughter of the unnamed god (he of the east wind), and her own brother, race for safety, hands […]

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  6. THE RIVERS OF NOWHERE • by Lindsey Duncan 2 Comments

      We rise When snow withers When tiers of frost sheer free When iron winter’s throne is torn In two   We veer Wine-sweet, vein-hot; Swift over stones, we swerve Shore to shore – woven wire writhe We force   We flee Fire flickers – Following far-off frost, We rivers whisper into Nowhere     […]

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  7. POTATO STONE • by Theodore E. Hovey 7 Comments

    green potato stone – a million years of curious birds – of sea sand in your blind eyes. children wade on tiny feet and dip a toe delight – to step on you pink fingers cuddle you take you with them to a blue-less world long before you learn to see forgotten memory of the sea. […]

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  8. DUIR (THE OAK) • by Melissa Lammers 4 Comments

    Amber eyes peer from among gnarled branches. Long fingers cling and fragile golden wings brush aged limbs. A soldier strides her way, seeking knowledge from the one who guards this ancient oak.   She cocks her head to hear his wish: the mullein leaf for courage is what he craves. On bended knee he pleads […]


  9. UNTITLED • by Aurelio Rico Lopez III 4 Comments

    single female werewolf handsome veterinarian match made in heaven Aurelio Rico Lopez III is a self-diagnosed scribble junkie from Iloilo City, Philippines. He enjoys coffee, old paperback novels, and rock music with long guitar solos. For Explosives Week Competition Details go here or here

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  10. MANDALA • by Elaine Jackson 7 Comments

    In the end there is only love.   Open the secret door behind the furnace and climb the cool dark stair. It spirals upward to a suspended room in a suspended house rendered in bamboo and teak. Look at the ebony desk in the centre. It frames a blank sheet of white bond paper.   […]


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