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  1. COLD FISH • by Bill West No Comments

    Cold fish o for mouth icy stare nothing there no one home world of one deep down but at night he sees the moon silver and at dawn a fire ball smear o for mouth icy stare deep down cold fish     Bill West wrote poetry as a teenager but stopped. In 2004 he […]

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  2. IN VINO VERITAS • by Irena Pasvinter 14 Comments

        I don’t care about terroir, fruit flavors and mineral notes. Not today. Just pour a glass to the rim. Length, body, complexity, texture and structure — forget them. I’ll not see, swirl, smell, sip and savor — I’ll gulp the ruby blood of the earth, greedy for its hearty warmth to melt the […]

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  3. UP! • by Dominic Hamer 6 Comments

                                                                                    chipper!                                                                         feeling                                                                   you                                                 and  leave                                     the page                               up                         go              should            poems            I think   Sometimes  Dominic Hamer is a London-based writer who occasionally bumps into poetry.

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  4. THE HOUR GLASS • by Jamie Elliott Keith 10 Comments

      Once animal matter or sea creature’s crusty home These tiny bits of geological history Spill through my grasp so quickly I cannot count the number How swiftly they slide I snatch I clutch They slip away Pouring past the slick sides Ground down by water, wind and time Over humanly transmuted curves of themselves […]

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  5. THE CLOSE OF THE DOOR • by Brian Edward Bahr 6 Comments

          phone     rings chatter  and        laughter    dancing          already rattle     of                       clothes                  hangers rustling                        fabric  zip    of a             dress squirt  of the                          sink           drip                    drip          thud   clatter     on                                         tile brush sweep smooth                       dab […]

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  6. FISH • by Amy Corbin 12 Comments

    Fish  lie belly-up; inert and very  gloomy. Drowned  bloated  vermin  float  atop. Wrap- pers and trash hover in filmy brown   water. A rainbow slick glazes the mucky  bay. On and off the water-taxi we go.  Ravenous,  our  minds  shift  to  thoughts of pizza, wings, and    nachos. Grateful, we  are  for  the  beauti- ful sunny day.  The sign […]

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  7. GRAVESTONES • by T.J. McIntyre 6 Comments

    these things make no sense sometimes it’s just things happen and then you die and no one knows why not a single soul it takes the breath out of you and leaves you gasping on a search for meaning in a seemingly meaningless world that is full up of tombstones dirt death worms and perhaps […]

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  8. BLUE CHRISTMAS • by Mark Dalligan 11 Comments

    A log fire burning, presents wrapped, snowflakes falling. Dickensian background to the opening of our Christmas Schnapps. Glasses clinking, laughter flowing, choirs singing. I sit quietly, sipping fine kirshwasser. Your stinging absence, a brake on the ancient engine of festivity. Mark Dalligan works in the City and only by subjugating his besuited self is he […]

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