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  1. SNUG • by Mary C. Casey 3 Comments

      Snug sheets, flannel, sumptuous, caressing cool limbs; delightful winter dishabille. Fickle foot pokes out to test the temperature, then lurches back in to the toasty calidity of one human and two snoring dogs.       Mary Casey lives in the wilds of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia where she is inspired by […]


  2. SWAN SONG (FIBONACCI) • by hema 13 Comments

    Lass moans- her cries can be heard even in the grave. Spurned after his lust’s gone away dried, drained, devoured, discarded now, as scum out like scurf Scuffle on. Hapless end- Death. Hema is a postgraduate in commerce and library science, works as a school teacher, and is interested in reading and writing verses. She […]


  3. FIBONACCI PAEAN • by William Dexter Wade 17 Comments

      I stand amazed beside my youngest granddaughter and step back to look up at her fourteen very short years after I felt her first breaths  resting so very small in  the arms of a grandfather who did not dream that one day soon she would jump higher than he stands, watching, filled with pride […]

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