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  1. STOIC PRECEPTS • by James Graham 14 Comments

    ‘Desire what you already have’. I wish to see again the silver cat that pads about my garden, spying all ways, staring, stalking, chasing a blowing leaf. His name is Max, and he hallucinates. He sees fat blackbirds land on fence-posts, throws himself at them. I wish for the knack of conjuring this cat into […]

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  2. DISTANCE • by J.D. Di Lella 8 Comments

    Far away from the touch that comforted me when despair followed me like a shadow nourishes one very young inside you who only feels the tickle of the toes from above the skin while tucked safely in a belly. One day some day soon I will touch you both with more than words. J.D. Di […]

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  3. AN AUDIENCE OF ONE • by Casey Quinn 17 Comments

    an audience of one but millions in the mind cheer on an aged dreamer the almost rocker hits a final out of tune note soap based microphone placed back on the stand curtains open and he exits his stage. Casey Quinn writes prose and poetry. He is also the editor of the online magazine Short […]

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  4. FOLDED POEMS • by Tina Cole 12 Comments

    Poems are folded inside me in tiny tissue paper scraps yellowed with age and their long time waiting; others embrace bigness like bed sheets folded corner to corner and steam ironed so that when opened they map a journey of thoughts; some are screwed into tight bundles, discarded again and again only to be reclaimed, […]

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  5. WORD • by Anuradha Vijayakrishnan 20 Comments

    Mango jam made yesterday, or last month. In your kitchen, beneath the towel rack where you do not hang a blue and white towel any more. I dip two fingers right into the jam and remember to do it quietly. Because you might still hear me, come storming in from the bedroom where the bed […]

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  6. AT DAY’S END • by dj barber 12 Comments

    at day’s end a darkened sky sprinkles starlight on snowcapped mounts reflected in cool alpine lakes at day’s end the gentle winds whisper softly through ponderosa pine and aspen the sweet lullaby of the gloaming at day’s end when crickets chirp a lone wolf call beckons through snowcapped mounts a darkened sky of sprinkled starlight […]

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  7. HEADSTONES • by Wordsculptor 11 Comments

    Vanished people leave headstones in my life. Monoliths and cairns scattered in uncomfortable miscellany finger every contemplation. Engravings of joy and sorrow mark their passage in crevasses of remembrance. Some bring summer sunshafts into dismal days; friends who come, open and in welcome, bringing encouragement in unwrapped parcels. Others, in accusation, bring curtains of darkness […]

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