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  1. A MOONLIT GHAZAL • by J.A. Curcione 1 Comment

    You looked for me to save you from the moonlight But it won’t obey me anymore, the moonlight.   Did it cover your face and show you to all who were Looking, leaving you naked there in the moonlight?   They waited on the avenue to see if you Could chant and disappear from the […]

    Form, Ghazal, Literary, Poems

  2. OF INHUMANITY • by James Graham 4 Comments

    Ebele, bound for Trinidad, thought dead, cast overboard. Unheard against the bone-white spray, her frail cry, yesterday. Bhavesh, one of nine million, one of Victoria’s children. Clay-white, eyes lost in the skull, born to die, yesterday. Marina’s mistress has drawn blood from her. Her master drew her virgin blood. Still she will try to work, […]


  3. ARROYO’S GHAZAL • by John Brooke 6 Comments

    Yield to the hurricane, you must dearest Arroyo. Lie wanton, wet with dry desert lust, Arroyo. Parade your charms, writhe, slither snake dance. Uncoil heated earthly passions, combust, Arroyo. Mountains of rain thunder into your being. Rocked and rolled by each hot thrust, Arroyo. Brutally washing in your filthy dry bed. Dirty rocks plunging to […]

    Ghazal, Romance