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  1. PREMONITION • by Stan Long 1 Comment

    Young David’s cast dimpled the water like his father had taught him but no trout rose the pond shimmered and the reclusive coot flew from the reeds which made him wonder about the signs shiver of water smoke wreaths sirens from the local mine the line went slack the rod fell David ran fearful of […]

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  2. POST-SALVAGE STRESS SYNDROME • by S.J. Higbee 9 Comments

    You glide through the airless airlock with your breath rasping in your ears, As the beam from your headlamp waits to fade in the massed darkness… You rasp through the useless airlock with your breath sounding in your ears, Your headlamp beam fades under the mass of waiting darkness when you weave through the drifting […]

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  3. AN AUDIENCE OF ONE • by Casey Quinn 17 Comments

    an audience of one but millions in the mind cheer on an aged dreamer the almost rocker hits a final out of tune note soap based microphone placed back on the stand curtains open and he exits his stage. Casey Quinn writes prose and poetry. He is also the editor of the online magazine Short […]

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  4. JAB A HOOK IN • by K.C. Ball 14 Comments

    (My heart-felt apologies to Deacon Dodgson) T’was brilliant as chrome-metal mesh; Did gleam and glitter ‘neath the blade. All mirrored was the bluegill flesh, And in a wink fillet’d. Beware the barb’d hook, my friend! That flies about and nips the skin! Beware that fearsome, awful fiend; The earnest fisherman. He took his tackle box […]

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