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  1. GUINEVERE’S LAST DAYS • by P.J. Monroe 3 Comments

    To her, they brought his body, Which was dirty and bloody And devoid of the life she loved; Next to him, on the convent floor, She kneeled and prayed to God That He might shine a guiding light She prayed until the morning light, Until there was an ache in her body; Still no answer […]

    Literary, Sestina

  2. THE LAST RED LIGHT IN THE VALLEY • by Gavin Broom 13 Comments

    So while we wait at the red light, you stare across the valley that stretches out in front of us and you tell me you’re leaving.  I see the distance in your eyes and realize in every way that matters, you’ve already left. – What exactly have you left? I ask. What’s getting dumped at this […]

    Mystery/Suspense, Sestina