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  1. VENUS • by Irena Pasvinter 5 Comments

      You are the brightest in the evening sky Unless you grace the morning with your shine. You’re called the Evening Star. As days go by, The Morning Star becomes your proper sign. And so you travel — either dusk or dawn Are honored by your presence, Venus. When The ancients searched for gods on […]

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  2. LUMBER LOG SONNET • by CDSinex No Comments

      Logs in the river will float to the mill. Once tall proud timbers adrift to their fate. Sawyers are sleeping; their saws are all still. At morning’s first light, they’ll open the gate. Saws will be screaming, the logs won’t fight back. Their bark will be stripped; they’ll sit naked, cold. All halved and […]

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  3. NOCTURNAL SONNET, MID-WINTER • by Charles W. Kiley III 5 Comments

    Even the stars will burn with cold tonight, In deepest January’s frigid throes. They cast a searing January light, That blossoms like an alabaster rose. And whisper also down across the skies: An astral susurration sweeping low. As swiftly as it comes, it swiftly dies: A star-tossed wind, an interstellar sough. How fortunate I am […]

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  4. VISITATION • by Charles W. Kiley III 2 Comments

    I feel the life-wine thrumming through the skin. The neck is thin, though thicker than the face- her face-the flesh-diaphanously thin. At touch of tooth, the pulse begins to race; the scent of life is seeping from the vein. The gift of those whose lungs draw mortal breath is ours by right, by slender prick […]

    Literary, Sonnet

  5. AMATEUR ASTRONOMY • by CG Olsen 8 Comments

    I want to buy a telescope to see the stars, the galaxies and nebulae, alone, aloof and unconcerned with high and low, with yes and no and in-between, just sitting deep, significant or not, in saurian spaces, glowing dinosaurs of fairy-land who romp upon the floors of heaven, timeless motion.  Not like clots of dirty […]

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  6. “CHICKS WITH STICKS” • by Jennifer Pitzer 6 Comments

    It's four o'clock on Wednesday, Our scheduled time. Every week since May We commit an ugly crime. I pull on my leather glove And it fits just right. Then I choose the biggest love To demonstrate my might. I position myself in the center, Holding the shaft Firmly but tender – Polishing my craft. I […]

    Humour/Satire, Poems, Sonnet

  7. PARK SONNET WINTER • Charles W. Kiley III 4 Comments

    The sun is louring in the clouds today. The wind is snapping taut like hanging flags. I think that all the children are away And all the castoffs huddled in their rags. The birds fell silent in their trees today, And all the dogs that frolicked here are gone. The little pond is languishing in […]

    Literary, Sonnet

  8. SWAMP SONNET, WINTER • by Charles W. Kiley III 9 Comments

    This land, deserted many years ago: The old horse farm that sits against the fens. There’s nothing now but seas of forlorn snow, And field mice in their coverts and their dens. One thinks of wobbly colts and high-necked mares, And stallions which were wont to gambol here, Across the lea, in threes or prancing […]

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  9. SONNET ll • by Gabe Dybing 6 Comments

    I will write a book of such stunning art that the leaders of the world will elect it as the outcry of the human heart. My two billion readers will select their cherished passages to memorize, reciting them in a million tongues, provoking from standers-by wrenching sighs out of thudding hearts and constricting lungs. It […]

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  10. SONNET IV • by Gabe Dybing 6 Comments

    Of course I know that love cannot be real, that it’s mere contrivance, something polite to believe in, an emotion to feel because we want to, not because it’s right; that characters in films love more than we by the plain virtue that they don’t exist. Our true loves are made vicariously through each constructed […]

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