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  1. THE SEASONS • by Irena Pasvinter 6 Comments

    The summer comes and melts my hair to gold And plays with wrinkles on my freckled face Till winter conjures up its spell of cold.   Then hordes of snowflakes land on stiffened world And thread white yarn through frozen golden lace Till summer comes and melts my hair to gold.   Amidst the light […]

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  2. AUTUMN AT LORD’S HILL (VILLANELLE) • by CDSinex 9 Comments

      Darkness comes early this time of year, and windblown leaves rustle all around, reminding me that winter is near. This morning I found a thin veneer of hoarfrost that grew on grassy ground— the night cold lingers this time of year. From the pond the geese will disappear after watching their world turn to […]

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  3. STILL HERE • by CDSinex 7 Comments

      I’d park my car right over there and with good friends I’d spend my days. The jobs are gone, but we’re still here. From time to time I come to stare and pluck smiles from memory’s haze. I’d park my car right over there. The building sits in disrepair, and I, alone, watch it […]

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  4. DRIPPING WORDS • by Irena Pasvinter 5 Comments

    While autumn rains advanced in endless herds Engulfing patchy roofs and withered hearts, He wove a villanelle from dripping words. As lightnings slashed the skies with blazing swords, He pulled his lines from depths of trembling guts While autumn rains advanced in endless hordes. Unhindered like the flocks of drifting birds, His thoughts raised high […]

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      Summer comes with her welcomed warmth, and guests who trade my quiet for a store bought vase, then plunder my garden like swarming pests. Don’t pick the dahlias, a vain request as a year’s hard work is soon laid to waste. Summer comes with her welcomed warmth … and guests. My friends and family […]

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  6. WHITE WINTERS • by Irena Pasvinter 11 Comments

    I used to think that winter should be white, Its icy armor wrapped in snowy coat – The reign of cold in all its freezing might. When moonlit snowflakes glistened in the night And screeched beneath my boots on empty road, Of course I thought that winter should be white. It always came on time […]

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    Curve of the Earth, curve of the mind, Unconscious deep as a blue lake, What did Benton’s trail riders find? Through what nature do their hoofs wind? Insistent scene makes mine seem fake. Curve of the Earth, curve of the mind. Is there a hint they follow blind That purple mountain fingers make? What did […]


  8. I ALWAYS IMAGINED DYING IN A POINTLESS WAR. • by Andy Simmons 4 Comments

    I always imagined dying in a pointless war after I’d knocked up some stupid bitch that worthy eyes do not go looking for. Instead of muddy trenches, it’ll be a brown sore. I scratch my burning stomach to rid the itch. I always imagined dying in a pointless war. Destroyed skin from Apollo’s ray of […]

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  9. THIS MYSTERIOUS GARDEN EARTH • by Martin A. Ramos 6 Comments

    this mysterious garden earth where liars lurk, a silent crew is not the country of my birth no longer this my house of mirth this land i love and thought i knew this mysterious garden earth acting with madness and with stealth where lies are spoken of as truth is not the country of my […]

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  10. THE GRADUAL LOSS OF ME • by Kirsty Stanley 13 Comments

    Today: I slipped away, became a little less. Did anyone notice as I waved them away with a smile on my face? Today: I, slipped away I wrote no words, made no mark. Had I scratched a mark would anyone notice, as I disappeared, went missing in crimson ink? Today: I slipped away, my reflection […]

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