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  1. THE PURPLE WISTERIA • by Amy Barry No Comments

    This period of furious passion. The role of lover is not how I had pictured my life. From a simple meeting, the working of the mind to the subtle way thought becomes flesh, sometimes stabbing jagged through my veins. And, it hurts. Oh. How it does hurt.   Such hearts, such souls, such colourful moments. […]


  2. THE GREEN SAUTE • by Tricia Knoll No Comments

    I sauted up a green stir of words adding the agraffe wire clamp   from the champagne bottle for iron, saving farctate   for when my stuffed stomach might hurt after dinner   tossing in gambrinous for the stout with the little plastic bead in the can   my hand found garlic and ginger and […]


  3. FISHERMAN • by Michael Mark 3 Comments

    Because now I have the time, they’ve given me the title, Fisherman.   They ask me when I return, “Did you catch any fish? How many? How big? What kind?”   Because they call me a fisherman, they think my success is in catching fish.   I cannot be counted on to catch fish.   […]


  4. ALMOST • by Wilma Bernard 1 Comment

    Sometimes I almost understand, Under a vaulted arc of sky Stretching over us like God’s cupped right hand.   Other star-dusted nights I’ve made demands Worried about that unconditional–and can God lie? But now sometimes I almost understand.   Clouds, hawks, space-stations criss-cross above these lands, Careen through heaven’s dooryard, while mortals cry Into God’s […]


  5. COLD FISH • by Bill West No Comments

    Cold fish o for mouth icy stare nothing there no one home world of one deep down but at night he sees the moon silver and at dawn a fire ball smear o for mouth icy stare deep down cold fish     Bill West wrote poetry as a teenager but stopped. In 2004 he […]

    Concrete, Other

  6. THE WAITING • by George D. Brockner No Comments

        They believed in the closing light someone remembered   Though thoughts of no long sleep after death   The night walk past graves of men bundled together   Someone would come to remember   Lungs filled with dust waiting by the moss-grown gate remembered no more   Cold dark nights they stood watch the […]


  7. IN SEARCH OF THE MIND • by Ted 1 Comment

    “You have lost your mind!” they told him. His eccentricities surpassed the boundaries they regarded as normal. Determined to get his mind back, he searched forest, roadside, bridge, cemetery….everywhere he remembered visiting; wondering whether his mind existed or not, because he had memories.       Ted, started poetry writing in mid 2002, while in […]

    Humour/Satire, Other

  8. WOOD TALK • by Jesse Carter No Comments

    Where I come from we burned Christmas trees. We stood em’ up, and lit em’ up. Christmas trees burn real good. I say ‘good’ and not ‘well’ because a tree doesn’t burn well, it burns good. Having sex isn’t well, it’s good.   Being warm by a fire is the end result, like a lover’s […]


  9. DEATH OF A PETAL • by Nancy May 1 Comment

    winter frost whisks colour from a flower weeping petal       Nancy May has haiku published in Haiku Journal, Three Line Poetry, Poetry Quarterly, Inclement Poetry, Twisted Dreams Magazine, Vox Poetica, Eskimo Pie, Icebox, Dark Pens, Daily Love, Leaves of Ink, The Blue Hour Magazine, The Camel Saloon, Kernels, Mused – the BellaOnline Literary […]


  10. PENTANGLES IN SAND • by Chrystal Berche No Comments

    Gather the beasts to the elder city And within its circles offer sacrifice Blood into earth Bones into dust Flesh into food for the vermin that fill the streets We march on Carving woven patterns of runes into the earth Into our skin Into the minds of our children Darkened with the seeds of witchery […]


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