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  1. UNTITLED • by Máire Morrissey-Cummins 15 Comments

        icing the Christmas cake first snow     Máire Morrissey-Cummins enjoys the freedom of expression through the mediums of poetry and art. She has lived in Holland for many years and now lives between her home in Wicklow, Ireland and Trier, Germany. She is married with two adult children. Máire was born in […]

    Holiday/Occasion, Japanese Short Forms, Poems

  2. RUXTON ISLAND • by Errol Nimbly 2 Comments

      In summer we are keen to visit friends Who keep a cottage out on Ruxton Isle. With every year their welcome wish extends And stately Woodrow ferries us in style.   Once there, time slows and cares seem far away As we sip gin and dive in off the shore, Or from the deck, watch boats […]

    Holiday/Occasion, Literary, Poems

  3. NEVERLAND • by Richard M. O’Donnell 3 Comments

    Fixated on the Peter Instead of the Pan Therapists Will Never-Never understand Wonder Richard M. O’Donnell‘s works have appeared in many venues. His on-line publications and YouTube films can be accessed at his homepage:

    Holiday/Occasion, Humour/Satire

  4. HAPPY GOLDEN DAYS OF YORE • by dj barber 12 Comments

    Misty rain floats on cold, damp air as we crunch through the melting snow. Dad pulls the bill of his old Pioneer Seeds cap down a bit, turns his bespectacled face to the heavens above, gives two quick sniffs. He predicts snow is coming, but later, tonight perhaps; a talent that holds me in wonder—but […]

    Holiday/Occasion, Literary

  5. TICK TOCK • by Mike Close 8 Comments

    Our first Christmas together, we were dating. Smiling through uncomfortable introductions to each others’ family. Married with children now, joy and laughter on Christmas morn, on to the in-laws for more. A never ending day. Our teenagers bring boyfriends and girlfriends to endure introductions, faces unfamiliar. The meals get bigger each year. Our children bring […]


  6. ARTHUR’S SEAT • by Jennifer Stakes 10 Comments

    Tilting towards colour on the pale edge we stand, arms outstretched, drunk with ownership of the granite city below All of it is ours: the soft contoured tenements, staggering up through the grey haze to the Castle, the molar crowning the slanting toothline of the Royal Mile. And beyond: Scotland, the World, the Future. All […]

    Holiday/Occasion, Literary

  7. A HALLOWEEN PRAYER • by Mark Tomlinson 15 Comments

      Please protect me Jack ‘O’ Lantern From the things that walk this night. May your candle burn unhindered And your jagged smile be bright. Let your orange light surround me with a wall of magic light. Please protect me Jack ‘O’Lantern From the things that walk this night.   Please defend me Jack ‘O’Lantern […]

    Holiday/Occasion, Humour/Satire, Other

  8. AFTER ARLINGTON • by Ash Krafton 8 Comments

    Standing upon that landscape of marble markers snaps our American sensibilities into sharp focus and redefines our sense of patriotism. We arrive as tourists. Turning off a turn-about onto Memorial Drive and onto a new perspective, we are forever altered in a single, solemn moment. Dignity and respect. Elegant lines of stone suddenly stretch out, […]

    Holiday/Occasion, Inspirational, Other, Poems

  9. SUBURBAN ECHO • by Kirsty Gillies 12 Comments

    Anywhere can be beautiful with the appropriate filter think back doesn’t the sun sway and sparkle?  On those kerbstones during seven silent weeks broken by the occasional bee of a car ambling and nodding or wasp of a motorcycle You swat them away continue to play tennis on the road if the ball hits the […]

    Holiday/Occasion, Other

  10. OLD PRAYERS • by Anne Brooke 23 Comments

    The solidity of old prayers carves meaning on the tongue and in the heart. Better than untried words is the echoed memory of all the whispered pleas or praises of the past. The same sounds chanted through the years build a wall you can rest on for a while, without thought, untroubled, quietly. Anne Brooke‘s fiction […]

    Holiday/Occasion, Inspirational, Literary, Poems

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