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  1. PIKE’S PEAK • by Desmond Fox 2 Comments

    In my haste, I remove my silk sleeping bra, then wrap the man’s wound, except it is a head wound and it still bleeds.   I think he is dead. I know he is, except, to be close to a woman’s breast, something mesh, held to his face like, a small dog or a lover’s […]

    Horror, Literary

  2. NATURAL MAN MADE SOUP • by J Gregory B No Comments

    Two crows take turns sipping from puddles formed on asphalt a goulash of cold broth matted fur pine needles and oil.       J Gregory B grew up in Oregon and now resides in Seattle, Washington with his beautiful wife, four dogs and a cat.

    Horror, Humour/Satire, Other

  3. POLTERGEIST • by Leo Norman 1 Comment

      Last summer we did up the lounge, painted the cracks and moved things around, got on our knees, scrubbed at old stains. I lazed about but you took great pains to ensure that every last detail was right: the right shade of cream to reflect the light, the sofa just so, the table just […]

    Horror, Poems

  4. MARY-LEE • by Rhonda Parrish 3 Comments

      Perfume, familiar, musty, thick, hides the scent of her decay and her mortician white skin, though cold, is not zombie grey, but her soles are scuffed; they weren’t yesterday.   Rhonda Parrish  writes fantasy, horror and YA when she’s not procrastinating or playing video games. Also, she loves sushi.

    Horror, Poems

  5. BENEATH • by Rhonda Parrish 3 Comments

    Leafless boughs cast pallid shadows across the snow at the oak’s base Spring’s breath reveals twisted digits curled into ashen claws with the faintest hint of chipped red polish.     Rhonda Parrish writes fantasy, horror and YA when she’s not procrastinating or playing video games. Also, she loves sushi.

    Horror, Poems

  6. SORT OF LIKE A CAT • by Rhonda Parrish 12 Comments

      It lurked an inkspot in the shadows. Four-legged, back curved, feline. Then it moved, moved in a way cats don’t. Skulked. Skittered. It, more than the night, drove me back indoors. My cigarette unfinished, a cherry glow in the darkness.     Rhonda Parrish Rhonda writes fantasy, horror and YA when she’s not procrastinating […]

    Horror, Poems

  7. THE ORCHESTRA • by Stephanie Smith 1 Comment

      after the plague had run its course the wind blew in waste from the west   an army of the dead arose from their graves to the summoning of a condutor’s wand   summer’s song was a cacophonous canto with violins played by skelly men   corpses moaned in unison somewhere a cello wept […]

    Horror, Poems

  8. EASTERN DEMONS • by Aurelio Rico Lopez III 1 Comment

    The bamboo trees shimmer under the full moon, casting long, inky shadows on the forest floor.  Claws shred trunks.  Branches snap as a vicious horned tsurube-otoshi gives chase.  A woman trips and screams.  The samurai rushes between his princess and the bloodthirsty tree demon.  He unsheathes his sword and utters a prayer to his ancestors. […]

    Horror, Poems

  9. INK • by Aurelio Rico Lopez III 8 Comments

    I got a tattoo of a hangman’s noose a week ago when I was stone drunk on beer and mojitos. I hate my tattoo, and it knows. It bleeds and itches, and the skin around it has turned an angry red. Last Friday it was an inch higher, and this morning, I swear the noose […]

    Horror, Poems

  10. RIPPER • by Rosie Sharp 2 Comments

    The streets of London are cobbled and grave, where the stench of death clogs the air. Amongst the rats and the night-time sleaze is where my fate lays itself bare. In a game of cat and mouse I am stalked by a man, who cloaks himself in darkness and preys on the weak. In cold-blooded […]

    Horror, Poems

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