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  1. ALL HANDS ON DECK – IT’S TIME TO TREK • by Paul A. Freeman 4 Comments

    Upon the star-ship Ermyntrude The craft’s intrepid crew Was led by one-armed, bandy-legged Captain Frank McGrew.   The Delphi Quadrant was the vessel’s Final destination In hopes they could eliminate A Gimble infestation.   They landed in a slough of slime, Not far from Hedgehog Hill, Upon the planet Dingbat 5 – Their orders? “Shoot to […]


  2. CAFFEINE BLUES • by Don Ruch 2 Comments

    Looking for bathroom stuck on bay bridge at rush hour empty coffee cup?       Don Ruch is a Retired Naval Officer.


  3. THY NEIGHBORS’ • by Robert Manchester 1 Comment

    Yes. I do. I envy (I do envy). I am envious of my neighbor’s house, cars my non-neighbors’ houses, cars money, fine clothes, pedigree dogs, apple pies, anchos, enchilladas, fancy pizza toppings, green chili stews, and their slow roasted antelope recipes. Robert Manchester: making up for lost time; wasted youth.


  4. THE GREEN SAUTE • by Tricia Knoll No Comments

    I sauted up a green stir of words adding the agraffe wire clamp   from the champagne bottle for iron, saving farctate   for when my stuffed stomach might hurt after dinner   tossing in gambrinous for the stout with the little plastic bead in the can   my hand found garlic and ginger and […]


  5. IN SEARCH OF THE MIND • by Ted 1 Comment

    “You have lost your mind!” they told him. His eccentricities surpassed the boundaries they regarded as normal. Determined to get his mind back, he searched forest, roadside, bridge, cemetery….everywhere he remembered visiting; wondering whether his mind existed or not, because he had memories.       Ted, started poetry writing in mid 2002, while in […]

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  6. SEASIDE EARTHQUAKE • by Stuart Larner No Comments

    Sick of what’s called progress, Earth opened up its shell, And street cameras, clamps and wardens slithered into hell. The exorbitant super-loos, the supersonic tucker, All plastic kissed away with Earth’s tectonic pucker. The ground feasted fully – topped with a cop car relish – Then burped up its previous meal, seismically squeamish. Back came […]


  7. SENRYU • by Rachel Sutcliffe 3 Comments

    cookery contest I vote for the tastiest chef       As a youngster, Rachel Sutcliffe had a great imagination and loved story and poetry writing. For a while, her creative writing took a back seat as she discovered the joys of travel and foreign languages. Personal circumstances have led her to really concentrate on […]


  8. A SALAD OF LANGUAGE AND FIGS • by Irena Pasvinter 4 Comments

    He took a generous bowl. It was calling to him, like a tiny abyss, it begged to be filled. He tossed inside bunches of language (smoked nouns, fresh verbs, adjectives stuffed with adverbs, dried idioms, lots of sentences, chopped). He added some sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, gherkins, onions, mushrooms, topping it all with figs, soaked in […]


  9. NO FINAL EDITS • by Carl M. Berkowitz 3 Comments

      I can see myself as a newly dead writer, Sitting down, red pencil in hand, To revise the chapters of my biography describing Needless dwelling in the past, Pointless worrying about the future, Unnecessary stewing over past insults and Thinking of clever things I could have said,   I wouldn’t worry about simple edits, […]


  10. YOGA AND WINE • by Catherine Iselin 2 Comments

    reads the ad in this trendy magazine, the words delicately inserted in between a slender beauty stretching on a yoga mat and an unexpected glass of white wine at its edge.   I am tempted to send my own advertising: Clean with Yoga— think of it, you strike a pose, let’s say the Runner’s Stretch, […]


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