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  1. FISHERMAN • by Michael Mark 3 Comments

    Because now I have the time, they’ve given me the title, Fisherman.   They ask me when I return, “Did you catch any fish? How many? How big? What kind?”   Because they call me a fisherman, they think my success is in catching fish.   I cannot be counted on to catch fish.   […]


  2. ALMOST • by Wilma Bernard 1 Comment

    Sometimes I almost understand, Under a vaulted arc of sky Stretching over us like God’s cupped right hand.   Other star-dusted nights I’ve made demands Worried about that unconditional–and can God lie? But now sometimes I almost understand.   Clouds, hawks, space-stations criss-cross above these lands, Careen through heaven’s dooryard, while mortals cry Into God’s […]


  3. JAMES• by Dave Morehouse 11 Comments

    for James Graham A Sage, like spice, adds definition completion a glance over the roasting shoulder and over time takes supper to the table so all may dine. Pass the imagery please Adjectives au jus Dash of salt for the soup Reminds us gently: napkins in laps elbows off-table pinkys out finish your vegetables And […]


  4. Chicago Cutlery, 3 Inch Pairing, Rosewood Handle • by Dave Morehouse 17 Comments

    Mild steel, brass-riveted To a worn wood handle Polished bright by grandmother’s palm A gift given Above the peals Of wedding bells Today I trim chicken Muse how many Pared potatoes passed this blade Childhood bouquets – Soups, stews, vapors of baked bread Blended with Sundays I nick an index finger A pointed reminder To […]


  5. THERE IS NO BOX OUT THERE • by Martha Landman 2 Comments

      … think, there is no box.                         – b.m. stroud   the box?  the box?  □  where? which?     Myst/ical mysterious   [months in the lockup]   magical suffering where I am primitive rules read the minds of Tokyo’s red-light district   the box …. the snuff … the chopsticks //   a […]


  6. STONES • by Von Rupert 13 Comments

      “I used to skip stories across this lake.” I smile, gently. “You mean stones, Grandpa.” He stares into the murky water. His head moves back and forth as if he’s reading something there. When his body lurches forward, I grab his yellow vest, hold on tight, save him. He leans back, doesn’t look at […]

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  7. THE SNOW PILE • by Kelly Jadon No Comments

      that winter was thick ice worn shanties littered frozen tundra layered with many days’ snows   crinkled borders bounded by blue-collar cottages where a mill and log cabins once squatted   the way to town, now empty the rebuilt church–brick by mortared brick   a stained glass image of Jesus watching over   she […]


  8. INHERITANCE • by James Graham 5 Comments

    You were so anxious, Mother. When a moving speck appeared at the end of the long empty road, you curled up tight and hid your face   and my father had to tell you it was only a crow’s shadow, or if it was perhaps a trouble he would go out and meet it.   […]

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  9. PILLARS OF CREATION • by Colin Will No Comments

      Immense towers of distant dust, harder than most vacuums, glow in the burn of fierce new suns.   Parsecs from peak to peak, the horns of these dilemmas seem to rise like plumes in inter-galactic dark.   Pushed and swirled by winds of suns, shocked by super-novas, carved by gravity, and lit by all […]

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  10. THE FAITHFUL • by Theodore E. Hovey 2 Comments

      hanging shadows in the dusty sun   follow night past window prayers amazing grace   when my grandparents died fences fell roofs sagged   weeds   turned their ears listening for the sound of   God bless this house –   psalms and gospels heard in the wind   Theodore E. Hovey is in […]

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