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  1. BOUNDARY • by RK Biswas 2 Comments

      The hour arrives, and you contrive to flee the madness of the silence following you like a newly hatched duckling, a piece of shell still stuck to its tail.   You run down the stairs as one possessed. A tether around your neck. A howl spiralling down your throat as you gape, but cannot […]


  2. OH, STAR. • by Lucy Gregg Muir No Comments

    Oh, star! Beyond my ken. Dead light lingers in time long gone, lost to other elements. To dust and air, and memory.   The alchemy of matter, one becomes another. Blood to ash. Bone to dust. Hope to light. Unweighable measures. Thought, and desire, and love.   I, by flesh confined, thoughts confused. I, with […]


  3. AURORA • by Des Dillon 2 Comments

    When my mother carried me out to see the Northern Lights, her hair smelled of stars and her arms were white as the Milky Way. That night, innocence was in me. Some days, cynical, I would call this nostalgia. Today I’m thinking of that innocence as the glowing umbilical cord to pre-conception – the free […]


  4. SUMMER • by Thomas Cannon 1 Comment

      Bring on bronzed knees of summer long shadows of boys on bicycles, babies under stroller canopies, flannel-bellied seniors out for a walk.   sunbathing coeds’ sensual backs, an untied string. Men’s sideways scans hoping for a surprise.   old ladies in gardens floppy hats and canvas gloves cultivated beauty perceptible after you’ve aged.   […]


  5. THE RIVER MURRAY AWAKES • by Melanie Rees 1 Comment

      she no longer dreams in colour she no longer dreams with contrast and tone voices slowly begin to fill her subconscious   somewhere between waking and dreaming she feels a drop of life   the regal Red Gum is crowned golden shoots placed upon his head he bows to the waters below which ripple […]


  6. PANIC AT SAN CASCIANO • by Isabella David 3 Comments

      Passing the castle walls with halting steps as in a dream of early morning; geraniums in blue state in cracked sills and old donne in housedress told me I was present and awake. Where stone steps descended, baking hot to the valley, dusty in the sun I sat to peel an orange. To a lost tourist […]


  7. GREEN PLANET • by Tyrean Martinson 5 Comments

    save arboreal life desperate cries of children fall silent from hunger save the planet, kill a child, infanticide trends allow more room for obesity death adopt a tree while an orphan becomes a child soldier, hungry for food, family, love     TyreanMartinson  is a poet, writer, and story teller whose writing is shaped by […]


  8. THE GRAPEFRUIT OF EDEN • Michael Pacholski 1 Comment

    I together we form a bitter gray rind that fades with the rashes on our mingled tongues Withdraw! slink away back to shadow and decry sin Salvation! Mercy! Apart now, relieved our forms distinct muscles and desires unmerged until I beg for pulp juice essence II oh just devour that essence merge sinew back with […]


  9. THE SEASONS • by Irena Pasvinter 6 Comments

    The summer comes and melts my hair to gold And plays with wrinkles on my freckled face Till winter conjures up its spell of cold.   Then hordes of snowflakes land on stiffened world And thread white yarn through frozen golden lace Till summer comes and melts my hair to gold.   Amidst the light […]

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  10. VASE • by T. H. Cayne 1 Comment

    empty life broken glass bootleg shit   urine is all around us and in   and this is night. we are disease. we sleep at tables.   we come inside we come outside   and at the end of the day. we buy flowers.       T. H. Cayne is an American artist and […]


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