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  1. SNOWMOUTH • by Angel Zapata 3 Comments

      I ain’t nevah seen no real snow, only on TV. ‘Cept that man, fall down drunk backa daddy’s store, locked inside that big ‘ol freezer. Heard ‘em bang-bangin’, summon Jesus. I sat quiet, patient-like, elbows perched on cans of boiled peanuts. Mornin’ came by slow. Popped the latch; man got this death stare, awl […]

    Mystery/Suspense, Poems

  2. OUR CITY OF DARKNESS • by Steve Isaak 4 Comments

    Hike the hills of Leiber’s literary tombs: hear the rails shriek, seething desires thwarted by fate and personalities; a Ripper-mist hovers above our insectile teemings – cannibals we are, ignoring and devouring unto violent drunken death our socially wrecked, craving distractions to make it seem worthwhile, terrified into sedition and sedation by the threat of boredom, car horns and […]

    Mystery/Suspense, Poems

  3. THE LAST RED LIGHT IN THE VALLEY • by Gavin Broom 13 Comments

    So while we wait at the red light, you stare across the valley that stretches out in front of us and you tell me you’re leaving.  I see the distance in your eyes and realize in every way that matters, you’ve already left. – What exactly have you left? I ask. What’s getting dumped at this […]

    Mystery/Suspense, Sestina

  4. METHOD TO HIS MADNESS • by Guy Belleranti 8 Comments

    Incessant interruptions drove Joey Cool berserk. To write his book he needed both time to think and work. So when his aunt happened by Joey bashed in her head. Then a peddler rang the bell and Joey shot him dead. Acquaintances and neighbors– Joey silenced them all. He did not stop his killing ’til SWAT […]

    Humour/Satire, Mystery/Suspense

  5. BRITTANY, FRANCE • by Joan 12 Comments

    These middle-class UK pseudo-professionals arrive with the evening class lessons the loud anglicized vowel sounds, the satnav, rough guide, ferry-crossing, gite-owning superior holidaymakers. I set my stage: the faulty alarm system, the cold bedroom, the discarded dressing gown from a previous tenant. The toys left on the floor. The scratchings behind the wall at night […]


  6. A MERGING OF THE CENTURIES • by Joan 22 Comments

    A whiff of tobacco barely perceptible yet in these days of anti-social smoking, it jars. Walking on the coastal path, trodden by smugglers, we stop. Did someone slip to his death here? Did we slip, for a moment, into another time? Joan is a teacher of French and Head of Year in a Secondary School […]

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