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  1. A SEAT BY THE RIVER • by Nick Bowman 2 Comments

    On a tall morning, by a river bank gorged with Bluebells and Forget-me-nots I watch the dew slowly dry. I see green hands range through the slats of a crooked metal seat, smeared with bird lime and algae, to claim their chance of sun.   The sultry smell of new growth skins me with lush […]

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  2. BY THE RIVER • by Theodore E Hovey 4 Comments

    oh! what glitter  – burning and streaking in the magic night   the color of a linnet’s wing     my cheeks bare eyes twinkling in river glare     mountains tolling like cathedrals   icy wind on far pavilions   snowy gathering of white bells   pulse of light in winter shells     […]

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  3. WOOD-FIRE IN SUMMER • by Robin V. Herrnfeld 13 Comments

      Fourteen trees hacked and stacked wood piles moved from here to there on days when summers still were hot, log by log, glove to glove – spiders scuttled, scurried ants – in heat that seeped in lines of sweat along your T-shirt back and hung from heads of roses now winters slip to springs […]

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  4. LEAF-LEAVING • by Robin V. Herrnfeld 12 Comments

    let loose flutter-leaf drop swirl spin-on-the-wind last up-down-under through smoke-haze blue past harvest moon last settle-soft return to earth snuggle-close home         Reprinted with the kind permission of her husband, Hans-Holger Herrnfeld. Robin V. Herrnfeld 1955 – 2013 Robin was a regular contributor to Every Day Poets, who eventually joined the staff […]

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  5. ON THE FARM • by Nick Falkowski 6 Comments

      this spring is not like the last. the ground is tired. the potatoes heavy & rotten in the sack. the old willow broken over in grief; wrecked cruelly by last month’s storm. the ground is tired. the birds black & mute nesting in the bare arms of the trees – spring’s lie – not […]

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  6. QUIET BLOSSOM • by Joshua Colwell 3 Comments

        quiet blossom erupts with force colors in darkness       Joshua Colwell is a 21 year old professional writing/editing student at Youngstown State University. He writes poetry often and is several drafts into a screenplay.

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  7. STILLBORN • by Kim Dela Cruz 3 Comments

      She was too young to deliver three small packages early that morning, quiet and grey, hairless, wet with placenta as if sealed in their sacs with red wax.       Kim Dela Cruz lives in Massachusetts

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  8. HAIKU by Jack Byrne 7 Comments

      between two skies the egret strolls January morning     Jack Byrne lives in Ireland – the Emerald Isle, “the land of poets and scholars”. He is 63 years young, married to Valerie for 40 years, has three adult children all as gifted as he hopes to be, and he loves poetry, photography, and […]

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  9. RIVER by • Theodore E. Hovey 3 Comments

        slow muddy scent of leafy banks bloomy touch of spray   suns and moons bones of great birds wind of oceans   flowering grasses sunlight imagined mornings children fishing little ripples   reverie of dappled sky cloudburst and warm rain frogs that sing in your hands till dusk   muck of silt aroma […]

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  10. CROCUS BOWL • by A.J. Huffman 2 Comments

        Shades of pink sparkle and sing. Flash from crystal to silk to seed. Bloom only for the moment before dying, unafraid, with the light.       A.J. Huffman  is a poet and freelance writer in Daytona Beach, Florida. She has previously published three collections of poetry: The Difference Between Shadows and Stars, […]

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