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  1. IN SEARCH OF THE MIND • by Ted 1 Comment

    “You have lost your mind!” they told him. His eccentricities surpassed the boundaries they regarded as normal. Determined to get his mind back, he searched forest, roadside, bridge, cemetery….everywhere he remembered visiting; wondering whether his mind existed or not, because he had memories.       Ted, started poetry writing in mid 2002, while in […]

    Humour/Satire, Other

  2. WOOD TALK • by Jesse Carter No Comments

    Where I come from we burned Christmas trees. We stood em’ up, and lit em’ up. Christmas trees burn real good. I say ‘good’ and not ‘well’ because a tree doesn’t burn well, it burns good. Having sex isn’t well, it’s good.   Being warm by a fire is the end result, like a lover’s […]


  3. DEATH OF A PETAL • by Nancy May 1 Comment

    winter frost whisks colour from a flower weeping petal       Nancy May has haiku published in Haiku Journal, Three Line Poetry, Poetry Quarterly, Inclement Poetry, Twisted Dreams Magazine, Vox Poetica, Eskimo Pie, Icebox, Dark Pens, Daily Love, Leaves of Ink, The Blue Hour Magazine, The Camel Saloon, Kernels, Mused – the BellaOnline Literary […]


  4. PENTANGLES IN SAND • by Chrystal Berche No Comments

    Gather the beasts to the elder city And within its circles offer sacrifice Blood into earth Bones into dust Flesh into food for the vermin that fill the streets We march on Carving woven patterns of runes into the earth Into our skin Into the minds of our children Darkened with the seeds of witchery […]


  5. URBAN HERO • by Timothy M Daisy 1 Comment

    His was the last house standing, risen out of the cracked earth, a monolith made of brick and stone. Wanting to remain, a safe house for a gentle recluse.   And those proud and tired eyes bury a deeper wisdom, looked straight at you, dignified and settled.   Fearless.       Timothy M Daisy […]


  6. THERE IS NO STILLNESS • by F. Pierce Skinner No Comments

    Thereis no stillness,onlymotion,only motion.There is nothingthat does not conspireagainst youThetranscriptfromthe trialwas typed ina dead languageno one knows.Everything is magicnowand nothingis still. There isonly motion and only one way out. Fourghosts, thecatsyou sawdie, mull besideyour bed, lap thunderstorms out of theirbowlsthrow up nothingnessall over the floorfor you to step inwhen I wake up.       F. Pierce […]


  7. BREAK • by James Graham 1 Comment

    They are showing us world poverty. Still image of a child, held by a helpless nurse, his senile features arid with hunger. Title – silence – something   to buy: a strapping four-wheel drive hunky as Hercules. They show glances of flood, snow, mountains. We see it veer and whizz.       James Graham […]


  8. PONDERINGS • by Carl “Papa” Palmer 2 Comments

    Shadows flicker from an ebbing amber candle on the  farm house porch just off Old Mill Road, too hot to sleep.   Solstice stillness in rural dark deepens following a distant dim lightning flash rumbling thunder this midsummer night.   Invisible insect songs vibrate, orchestras offer background sound, nocturnal noise serenades silence and soaks into […]


  9. MONUMENTAL • by Lorraine Rees 2 Comments

    I look at the calendar and can’t resist the urge to flip those pages back to when we collapsed not quite sure of the exact day but close enough and out of nowhere I get this image: I am five years old   and we’re watching a shuttle sheer through the clear Florida sky. So […]


  10. WE’RE NOT READY FOR GOD SPEED • by Dennis Trujillo 1 Comment

      People can often be heard blissfully wishing God Speed upon family and friends as they depart to the military, college, or the Peace Corps in Tanzania. Thinking   it a blessing, they know not what they say. God Speed is a terrible thing in this realm —our bodies would rupture at the atomic level […]


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