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  1. LOVE IMPERMANENCE • by Isabella David McCaffrey No Comments

    “I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel, but that’s all I don’t think of you that often.”   –Leonard Cohen   As the song goes, “I  remember you well.” And yet, I’m not love-lorn. In the day, I don’t love or long for you. There were days upon   days I ached from the […]

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  2. THE PURPLE WISTERIA • by Amy Barry 6 Comments

    This period of furious passion. The role of lover is not how I had pictured my life. From a simple meeting, the working of the mind to the subtle way thought becomes flesh, sometimes stabbing jagged through my veins. And, it hurts. Oh. How it does hurt.   Such hearts, such souls, such colourful moments. […]


  3. IT WAS OVER BEFORE IT BEGAN • by David J Kelly 2 Comments

    I brought you wit when you sought depth and might instead of strength.   You clearly needed hand-in-hand I only had arms´ length.       A born-again poet, who’s still trying to find his voice (or voices).


  4. OMISSION • by Ivy Rose Carter No Comments

      Dogs can smell lies but meanings are multiple. Tiptoeing a truth and lies high wire is a talent. I’m a circus freak.   Scrabbling along that thin line, my motivation changes with your facial expressions and every whiff you take, sitting in the armchair waiting   for me to return home after my weekend’s […]


  5. COURTSHIP BY AN EQUILIBRIST • by Stuart Larner 3 Comments

      A secret street performer, Without coin-inviting cap or sign. You can’t see me. You don’t know yet That I’m here, the balancer in your life.   Zephyr amongst the crowd, I launch Soap bubbles which float unseen To pop their good luck on you. Did you feel that touch on your arm?   When […]


  6. Class Of 63 • by Art Heifetz 2 Comments

      He’s searching for a pair of sea-green eyes, a strand of streaked blond hair, the full lips he hungrily kissed by the lake in Central Park some fifty years ago.   It all comes back, impromptu concerts on the A-Train, grimy stations with “Bird Lives” sprayed on every wall, Marianna playing Debussy on her […]


  7. LOVE’S FAREWELL • by Mary C Casey 11 Comments

    He stands by her bed, hands cupping her head, fragile and speckled as a robin’s egg. He snugs a wayward strand of wispy hair behind her ear; traces the outline of her face.   He doesn’t see the elderly woman; he sees his love, age sixteen, ringlets of gold tickling her face; her brown eyes […]

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  8. MOTORWAY SERVICES • by Justine Pannett 5 Comments

      A cup of tea sipped, as we held on to that little corner of Cornwall where black and white holiday snaps tell stories of love and longing and a garden workroom left as it was in her moment in time, now our moment in time, borrowed from a bet, so sure we would lose […]

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  9. INVITATION TO DANCE • by Stuart Larner 5 Comments

      Our words drown in disco sound. All week this beat had leaked from loose earphones on rush-hour trains. Tonight you fluoresce. In strobing light you wear keepsakes from the past, keys to the present, charms for the future. These parts of you I’ll dance with too.       Stuart Larner is a chartered […]

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  10. AND AT NIGHT, I LIE. • by Narmeen Zain 3 Comments

      It’s so much easier lying to yourself when the sun isn’t out to tell you otherwise. On nights that I feel worthless I move my pillow to the bottom of the bed and sleep backwards because if I sleep different, I’ll wake up a little different too. Maybe once I wake I’ll be braver […]

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