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  1. STILL HERE • by CDSinex 7 Comments

      I’d park my car right over there and with good friends I’d spend my days. The jobs are gone, but we’re still here. From time to time I come to stare and pluck smiles from memory’s haze. I’d park my car right over there. The building sits in disrepair, and I, alone, watch it […]

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  2. UNREMITTINGLY UGLY • by Kristen Lee Knapp 3 Comments

    we all know what those mujahideen thought as they strapped dynamite to buddha climbing wobbly ladders up the sun cooked cliff side juggling kalashnikovs all our faces and the goebbels hidden there skinny faced men screaming into microphones we carve up our young, all of them, and eat them Kristen Lee Knapp is an author […]

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  3. YOU ARE US • by Ed Pereira 6 Comments

      you make our decisions and you do it better than we ever could you’re us for us we know you love us and only have our best interest in mind. we will work our whole lives just for you we are grateful for weekends, paid vacations 401k’s, and dental plans so if you end […]

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  4. PEACE (LESS) • by jennifer walmsley 12 Comments

                                                                When politicians promote the premise of peace they fool themselves as well as others. Apathy turns its face away from shattered lives, ignores those who cower in bloody confusion. Voyeurs refuse to hear the sounds of bullets and bombs that annihilate lives of helpless children. Satellite images show utter despair. The unaffected view them […]

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  5. THE FOX AND THE HOUND • by G Westall 3 Comments

    you said i was your paramour so irresistable you had to chase across fields and shallow rivers catching me deep amongst the trees my fight was just flirting and i let you take a gullet of blood because you found its scent alluring the days grow cold and dim without you   G Westall spends […]

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  6. ON THE DRIVE INTO WORK IN SILICON VALLEY • by Steve Lucchesi 6 Comments

      Car is warm,             A womb in motion, music soothes and thoughts are free. Trees awaken, colored with subtle soul             as the sun makes promise of life beyond language and symbol. Some fearing, others not hearing the promise             drive deaf and blinded to be birthed into dry antiseptic halls of commerce             […]

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  7. FACELESS • by Katherine McIntyre 6 Comments

    They don’t look at you; specters aren’t concrete. They only see a torn T-shirt bought from Pennies, your threadbare scarf and an old pack of Poptarts crumbling at the bottom of your bag. No, they don’t realize you’re clinging to your mother’s old Timex although ol’ Mike’s Pawn Shop would procure temporary reprieve from the […]

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  8. TIANANMEN SQUARE • by George McKim 9 Comments

    we met in tiananmen square in a wet, anemic daydream you wore a long dress made from newly formed continents i was naked      except for a necklace made from constellations and power tools we danced your breath formed small pink clouds in the hieroglyphic night sky we drank the dark star elixir with […]

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  9. BRACEROS • by J. B. Hogan 10 Comments

    Beneath the desert sun they worked: thin bodies bent double in dusty rows, with bronzed and calloused hands, thinning cotton with short-handled hoes. Mid-morning sun, eye-burning, strength-sapping heat rising in waves off the ground, thinking of lunch time beans and tortillas, jars of jalapeños, the afternoon ahead. Working fiercely for a dollar an hour, saving […]

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  10. FLEEING UNDER COVER OF DAY • by Dennis Misurell 8 Comments

    From across the street, I stare at you pacing up and down the metal runway of the U-Haul, a gang plank to nowhere. You scurry, traverse your bridge too far, and lug the remains of your American dream, crammed into corrugated prisons. A modern day Joad, shaking dust from your ARM’s, and the whirlwind of […]

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