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  1. DOMESTIC • by John Richard Kenny 9 Comments

    Hands before him at the bar curl lifeless on a pint settling   Debris, folded paper, fags, lighter mark his territory, comforting   Barman silent witness to the unending cycle   Oh Jesus, Maggie, Jesus I’ll never, ever, ever   Hands before him stinging Knuckles raw red, bloody,   twitching in memory at what they’ve […]

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  2. CARRY-ON BAGGAGE • by Carol Ayer 3 Comments

    Sure, the idea of a midlife trip is thrilling. But wait. Soon our baggage will be lined up in the hall, and the journey won’t seem nearly as inviting.   You don’t know yet how cranky I get when it’s hot, that despite a kind exterior sometimes I am catty and mean.   I have […]

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  3. CERAMICS • by Eric McLean 10 Comments

      I watched your mother give birth. I’ll be damned if that weren’t the most unpleasant thing I ever witnessed her legs splayed like crabs claws. I thought it was the strangest thing sittin’ in that tub naked to her breasts wondering how we got here. And then you came out a bar of soap […]

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  4. NOT THE WORST • by John Richard Kenny 7 Comments

      We lived in fear of key in lock, the nightly trial of eggshells trod, no avenue of escape allowed, a captive audience compelled.   Oh tell me again of your intelligence, your knowledge of all and sundry, how everyone else is stupid, as your whiskey inches down,   of how disappointed in us you […]

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  5. MY BIRTHDAY • by Irene Ioannou 3 Comments

    I expect a squishing hug a seductive smile at least flowers or a promise. A promise will do.   Perhaps later when dinner is served the chores are over and the kids are sleeping. Perhaps later when we’re sitting on the sofa watching the screen or the wall or the fat around our middle. Perhaps […]

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  6. COMPLAINT • by Sara Bickley 2 Comments

      You are making a noise like being scratched, and I’m sick of it and I want you to stop. The recycling man doesn’t come till morning, the boxes can wait, I’ll do them myself when you’re in bed. If I have a heart attack, it’s going to be all your fault. You know how […]

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  7. IN MOONLIGHT • by Abriana Jette 4 Comments

      We met in the back seat of his best friend’s car, wintertime, the windows were fogged, he said he’d let me breathe then held his breath. He said fuck a few times too many, in that thick Jersey accent, in his faded blue jeans, and I said I hated that word, too many people […]

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  8. EQUATIONS • by Taylor Gall 5 Comments

    Quiet. Listen to the girl that cut her hair off and wants you to hang onto her words like you need to know what she’s all about. She is chemicals and atoms that hold her together, but her glue comes undone when she lays down in bed at night and recounts the ceiling tiles. Sometimes […]

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  9. SIGNS OF SPRING IN STORAGE • by Deron B. Bergstresser 3 Comments

      A sweet green essence mingles among the grey dust of memories one pale violet on the compost of 1989 a bright orange beetle, open wings suspended in a glass bubble paper weight.   Many times we hurled that blunt object across the room shattered the bay window facing the concrete wall. Today, beneath the […]

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  10. THE BIRD • by Daniel Lewis 8 Comments

      My mother loved birds, my father had no language for loving anything.   She found a wounded bird, a cage, wrapped it and let it rest in the sun. It would not cry out, only lay and shook, and then died. It took hours.   I was eight or nine, I had been playing […]

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