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  1. HEREDITARY DELUSIONS • by Rhonda Parrish 7 Comments

    The dust shone, trickled and danced in the moonlight blue, silver, blue a halo of miniscule stars surrounding him, settling on his shoulders, marring the perfect white of his perfect suit. I wanted him to be Mother’s visitor from the night she claims I was conceived– I thought he’d come from light years away, that […]


  2. IF A BLACK HOLE COULD • by Kenton K. Yee 2 Comments

      It’d be wishing a second bout to star as it deserves. It shone so bright and then burned out, a light of life that fed an earth. To star as it deserves, shining above water and flocks, a light of life that feeds an earth, an almighty that turns the clocks. Shining above water […]

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  3. MEN ARE FROM SATURN • by Von Rupert 9 Comments

      Her house was the perfect earth I’d seen in satellite photographs. Ivory couches, pristine like the frozen North. Floors, the brilliant blue of a Pacific paradise. I was the alien. Feet heavy, smeared with Saturn’s green sludge. Hands black, dripping galaxy grease. There was no second date.   Von Rupert is a wife, mother, […]

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  4. THE SAND FLEAS OF JUPITER • by F. Pierce Skinner 2 Comments

    When I am older, I will take out the sunburned neck I wore when I played the part of the stray and wonder what I would have done with all the hope I didn’t have while I was being lulled into a tepid rage watching horse-faced gods pollute the sky with maelstroms over the shore […]

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  5. ALIEN SKIN CREME • by Rhonda Parrish 5 Comments

    They brought it back with them when they returned from the stars Packaged in a saucer-shaped jar of frosted glass no bigger than a baby’s fist the milky cream gleams, shimmers like wet nail polish, opalescent. Under the right light it seems to move. It only costs a fortune, and the potential, the hope for […]

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      Everything that can happen does. She leaves work early as a crackhead jumps off a bus. A drunk runs a red light, barely.   She leaves work early. Her car doors did not lock. A drunk runs a red light, barely. Onto her backseat the crackhead hops.   Her car doors did not lock. Just […]

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  7. UNTITLED • by Aurelio Rico Lopez III No Comments

      scratch on left thruster parking attendant stammers furious martian       Aurelio Rico Lopez III is a scribble junkie who hails from Iloilo City, Philippines. He has written hunderds of poems and stories and is the author of JOLTS and SHOCKS, two horrorku chapbooks released under Sam’s Dot Publishing.

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  8. ILLUMINATING THE CORE TEXT • by Kaolin Imago Fire 2 Comments

      Your mind an open canvas, I paint neurons with magic: broad strokes for coarse matters, swirling a palette of neurotransmitters that tickle and tease sparks down axons so-rarely traveled … Hallucinations ghost themselves along the optic nerve, playing will-they won’t-they left and right across your chiasm … You shudder with an induced religious ecstasy, […]

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  9. BEILA FOX CLOSES THE RECYCLING OFFICE • by K.M. Praschak 3 Comments

    For three quick generations I’ve acted as Resident Recycler for the Glazed Moon Colony, reallocating furniture and secrets. Each object that lingers here stakes out a thin memory of human permanence for us, though Home’s AIs claim we’re a failure. A year ago, CoElla from 53rd Street brought in a slight, lacquered table first dented […]

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  10. CASA NOVA • by Aurelio Rico Lopez III 2 Comments

    you’d have done the same a kiss for a life beyond the great stars grabbing the alien temptress I plant her a wet one     Aurelio Rico Lopez III hails from Iloilo City, Philippines. His poetry has been featured in various publications and zines such as Scifaikuest, Every Day Poets, Star*Line, Electric Velocipede, and […]


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