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  1. While We’re on Hiatus…. 2 Comments

    If you prefer to hold your poetry in your hand in the form of actual paper and ink, you’re in luck. Click on the images below to check out Every Day Poets’ print anthologies.


  2. LOVE IMPERMANENCE • by Isabella David McCaffrey No Comments

    “I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel, but that’s all I don’t think of you that often.”   –Leonard Cohen   As the song goes, “I  remember you well.” And yet, I’m not love-lorn. In the day, I don’t love or long for you. There were days upon   days I ached from the […]

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  3. Every Day Inspiration No Comments

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For better or worse, in the U.S., this holiday has become widely recognized as a drinking holiday. Try writing a poem about your most memorable night out on the town. Try to remember every last detail. What were you wearing? Where did you go? What was the weather like? Try to […]


  4. SNOWFLAKES • by J. C. Adelizzi Jr. No Comments

    Snowflakes on a young Spring day, there and yet not, like memories, falling.       J. C. Adelizzi, Jr. is gaining a fresh perspective on life thanks to his two young grandchildren.


  5. Every Day Inspiration No Comments

    January 13th is Make Your Dream Come True Day. While not a nationally celebrated holiday here in the U.S., this is a day where we all can take pause and think about our dreams. Whether it is one from childhood, or one created at the start of the new year, they’re all important. Write a […]


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  8. Every Day Inspiration No Comments

    37 Degrees Askew (Part Two): The soliloquy and internal monologue have been helping us understand the motivations and emotional states of protagonists and heroes such as Richard III, Phillip Marlowe and Spiderman since words were first put to paper.  Creating a poem based around an internal monologue of a famous character is an age old […]

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  9. Every Day Novel • Lifting Up Veronica by K.C. Ball No Comments

    Lifting Up Veronica follows Michael Kovac, a sociologist from Ohio State University, as he travels to rural West Virginia in the summer of 1960 to shoot footage for a documentary during a week-long tent meeting at a Signs Followers church — a Christian sect best known for their practice of handling venomous snakes and participating […]


  10. INSTINCT OBLIVIOUS • by Shane DeMonica 3 Comments

    Little ones protected in pastel overcoats zip through the brown slush. Pink-faced and panting, they venture as far as their mothers allow, searching for signs of life, in empty enclosures. New snow falls gently, its hush covers the railings. “Look, I see one!” a princess proclaims. Her chattering smile shines like a little lamp and […]


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