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Poets: we ask that you give us 90 days to reach a decision about your poem submission.  We’re doing our best to keep our response time as low as possible, but depending on the current volume of submissions, it may take us the full 90 days to get back to you. However, if you did not receive an auto-response email confirmation within 24 hours of submitting your poem, please let us know right away so that we can check our database to see whether we did in fact receive your poem.

We do not accept submissions via snail mail or email. Submissions can only be made via our online system.

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  • Bruce Dodson

    I am wondering when and if another Anthology will be published and if so, is there a possibility my poem will be in it.
    My poem “Yemanja” was listed as one of your top 10 of 2010.


    Bruce Dodson

  • Rachael Stanley

    Had difficulty submitting. Went to the usual place and tried to submit a haiku, but it keeps telling me, it cannot be added. Rachael

  • Rachael Fanning Stanley

    I have made several attempts tonight to submit a new poem, but it keeps telling me, it cannot be added. Initially when posting, I forgot to enter the amount of words at the bottom, but I went back and corrected this, but still it would not accept it. I even tried submitting on a new form, but still no luck.

    On the last time, I clicked requested re-submission, because it said please try again, after the words ‘Cannot be added’.

    Before I tried posting the poem this evening,I updated my profile taking out Fanning from my name and wonder could this be something to do with it?

    Would be grateful, if you could let me know what the problem is.

    Rachael Stanley

  • Rachael Fanning Stanley

    I managed to post the poem tonight, but the contract does not have my name on it, so I can’t sign it.

    Rachael Stanley

  • Rachael Fanning Stanley

    ps I amended my profile to shortened name of Rachael Stanley, but I see your records are still showing Rachael Fanning Stanley

  • Lana Swift

    You should have the new poems come right out at midnight it’s really excited for the poet to see it published exactly at midnight. Just a thought….

    • Oonah V Joslin

      Trouble is Lana, this is an international online facility — midmight where? As it is the time was chosen for us at the beginning by Every Day Publishing.

  • michael

    I am still having trouble submitting poems. I login, click “submit”, and it takes me straight back to the login page.

    • Oonah V Joslin

      I have asked our technician in Vancouver to look into this within the week Michael.

  • Rachel Sutcliffe

    I’m still having problems too, for the past 2 months when I logn I find my account has been wiped, empty of all my details and poems

  • Stephanie Smith

    I, too, have been unable to log in to my account.

  • Kathleen Cassen Mickelson

    Update for those who have had problems logging in this summer: Windows Explorer and Windows Live ID consistently cause issues with our system. If you can use a different browser and a different login account, that seems to solve most login problems.