Your mind an open canvas, I paint neurons
with magic: broad strokes for coarse matters,
swirling a palette of neurotransmitters that
tickle and tease sparks down axons so-rarely traveled …

Hallucinations ghost themselves
along the optic nerve, playing will-they won’t-they
left and right across your chiasm …

You shudder with an induced religious ecstasy, not unlike …

The stereotaxic easel holds.

Sounds and smells deeper than imagination
ring louder than truth, ceramic and lilac fireworks …

I count twelve
distinct interpretations, violations
of cause and effect, war-mongering lords
paying lip service to sanity; choose meaning,
crop reality to a context that unites
the kingdom of delusion …

For a moment—one moment
I let you taste from my perspective
the scale of things: everything.

And then I choose:

a god basks in the
flames of his island kingdom:
dryad sacrifice.

—and it is.
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Kaolin Imago Fire is a conglomeration of ideas, side projects, and experiments. Outside of his primary occupation, he also develops computer games, edits Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine, and very occasionally teaches computer science. He has had poetry published in Strange Horizons, Every Day Weirdness, and Bull Spec, among others.

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ILLUMINATING THE CORE TEXT • by Kaolin Imago Fire, 1.4 out of 5 based on 15 ratings
Posted on May 7, 2012 in Poems, SciFi
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  • marion

    This poem sort of blew my brain. In fact it’s still sore! :) Intriguing piece.

  • Kaolin Fire

    Thanks, marion. I appreciate it =)

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