Old style New Jersey porch

table set hospitably.

Temperature, sultry – gin, icey.

Glasses replenished.

Pain postponed.

Warm wise faces

offer wound-licking talk.

The hummingbird feeder,

brightly red and sugar rich,

a life-sustainer too

for another frantic creature

excited to find such sweetness.



Colin Bell has worked as a producer/director and executive producer of arts programmes for British, American, Japanese and European broadcasters. His novel, Stephen Dearsley’s Summer of Love, will be published in 2013 (Ward Wood Publishing). He has also published short stories, children’s stories, articles, film reviews and poetry in the UK and the USA (Ether Books, Novello Publishing, Mansized, The Blotter, Bittersweet, Prism, Every Day Poets, Shot Glass Journal, The Fib Review, the Camden-Lumen Poetry Anthology and the Every Day Poets Anthology). He lives in Lewes, England and writes a daily blog as wolfiewolfgang on his website

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HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER • by Colin Bell, 1.8 out of 5 based on 19 ratings
Posted on February 21, 2013 in Literary, Poems
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  • Louise Michelle

    Hm…nice imagery. I’m not quite sure about the title (being originally from N.J.), but I enjoyed your piece. Glasses replenished and pain postponed leads this reader to believe there is a bit of a crisis going on as the humans are enjoying nature.

  • rumidog

    A nightmare of adjectives.

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