MAN CATCHIN’ BLUES • by Meera Jhala


Maw said “Feed a man.” So I cook, and I wait.

Maw said “Fry green tomatoes,” so I fry and I wait.

Ain’t gained me no man but sho’ gained me some weight.


Maw said “go where the men at to find you love.”

I went to the Braves game to find me love,

but didn’t catch no fella in my baseball glove.


“Love will find you when you ain’t lookin’” says my Maw.

“You’ll trip on it when you ain’t lookin’” says my Maw.

So I closed my eyes, fell, and skinned my knees raw.


I paid a psychic lady to find my honey

Paid her fifty dollars to find my honey

But all she predicted was I’d lose some money.


Maw asked the preacher man if he’d pray for me

He said sho’ he gonna say some prayers for me.

Hope he ain’t busy–might take ’bout eighty three.


I’ll buy a GPS and put in “The One”

Let it recalculate till it finds me The One–

I wanna get some lovin’ ‘fo my days are done.



Meera Jhala has always loved creative writing. She neglected it for a decade or two, during which time she did a PhD, became a science professor, stopped being a science professor, and changed careers into a job which can best be described as engineering. Meera resumed creative writing in 2011. Her poems have since appeared in Every Day Poets and Flashquake. Her prose has appeared, or is forthcoming from, a variety of places, most recently the Washington Pastime, Every Day Fiction, and Flashquake.

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MAN CATCHIN' BLUES • by Meera Jhala, 2.3 out of 5 based on 26 ratings
Posted on February 19, 2013 in Humour/Satire, Poems
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  • Irena P.

    A wonderful blues. The blues form really works great here. A combination of ironic content and blues mood creates richness. An excellent idea masterfully implemented!

  • Meera Jhala

    Thank you Irena! I always enjoy your poems on here.

    The blues form was interesting to work in; it was like the American version of a ghazal! This poem was the first time I’d tried humor–I had a lot of fun writing it.

  • Louise Michelle

    Wow! This is an extraordinary piece, written with great style. I particularly enjoyed the humor which you wove throughout.

  • Samantha Memi

    Lovely Meera, It’s a poem that grows better the more it’s read. 5 stars

  • Samantha Memi

    I agree with Louise all the way

  • Marion Clarke

    Really good, Meera. Your poem has made the reader smile, while conveying the sadness of the narrator at the same time.


  • Meera Jhala

    Thank you, all! I really appreciate the comments.

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