March’s Table of Contents

Welcome to March!  It’s the end of the first quarter of 2014, a blustery end to a turbulent winter in the U.S., and hopefully a calming of the weather as we pass into April. Along with returning favorites, March brings us debut poems from these twelve writers new to EDP:  Abe Link, Carl M. Berkowitz, Heather Merryll, Ivy Rose Carter, Linsey Duncan, Wilma Bernard, Will Berlin, Des Dillon, Laura Dravenstott, Melanie Rees, Yael Geva, and Thomas Cannon.  That’s a lot of new folks here.  We constantly strive to find new poets and get their work out to our audience.

Once a week at Every Day Poets, we present a brief Daily Inspiration with the intention of jump-starting your creativity.  Make sure to send the fruits of your labor if we have succeeded; we’d love to see what you come up with.

Spend a little time with us every day in the month of March and make sure to tell friends and family about Every Day Poets!

- Jeff Jeppesen, Associate Editor


 1  Art Heifetz  Class of 63
 2  Stuart Larner  Courtship by an Equilibrist
 3  Maire Morrissey-Cummins  Tanka
 4  Mary C Casey  Iced
 5  Abe Link  Choke
 6  Lise Colas  Portrait of Ray
 7  Carl M. Berkowitz  No Final Edits
 8  Heather Merryll  Conception
 9  Carol Ayer  Dark-Lashed Girls
 10  Sy Roth  Buried in a Rainbow
 11  E. Nash  Open the Door, Please
 12  Tyrean Martinson  Green Planet
 13  Ivy Rose Carter  Omission
 14  Irena Pasvinter  A Salad of Language and Figs
 15  Brandon Nolta  Venia–Sudan, 1993
 16  Linsey Duncan  Lonely Dolphin Triad
 17  Amy Barry  The Scent of My Father
 18  Lilliana Rose  First Line of Defence
 19  George D. Brockner  Cemetery at Night
 20  Wilma Bernard  Interstate Travel
 21  Will Berlin  Scraps
 22  Theodore E. Hovey  Then
 23  Isabella David  Panic at San Casciano
 24  Des Dillon  Survivor
 25  Laura Dravenstott  Lonely Stretch of Highway North of Albuquerque
 26  Charles Carr  Deep Inside a Bi-Lo With the Deja Vus Again
 27  Kathleen Cassen Mickelson–EDP Joint Managing Editor  EDITOR’S VIEW
 27  A. S. Andrews  Nautilus Rises
 28  Melanie Rees  The River Murray Awakes
 29  Yael Geva  Unexplained
 30  Thomas Cannon  Summer
 31  Rachel Sutcliffe  Senryu


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