MY EXCUSE • by Stuart Larner


Walking the dog at night,
the realms of scent and sight
flow from this lamppost and your house.
There’s freshly-coded news to sniff,
and a curtain only partly-drawn
shows me your light-blue TV world.
You look. We’re caught
like photographers in each other’s picture.
A world opens on this moment, so huge
its power rushes down the leash and
tugs me to your door.



Stuart Larner is a chartered psychologist. As Mental Health Expert, he ran an advice column for XL for Men Magazine. He has published international articles and poems in magazines and newspapers, as well as in scientific journals. He has been involved in scriptwriting and directing productions at the Edinburgh Fringe. Stuart published Scarborough Modern Sea Songs; an ebook in verse “Jack Daw and the Cat”; and an enovel about cricket entitled “Guile and Spin”. Stuart is currently working on a non-fiction sports psychology book.

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MY EXCUSE • by Stuart Larner, 1.7 out of 5 based on 12 ratings
Posted on February 12, 2013 in Humour/Satire, Poems
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  • Johanna Miklos

    I like poems that have a touch of humor and engage the senses! Well done.

  • Marion Clarke

    Nice one! :)


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