November’s Table of Contents

Happy third birthday, EDP!

Every Day Poets has had the pleasure of presenting a wide variety of poetry on a daily basis since November 2008 and we are delighted to celebrate our third birthday with you. Thank you for your readership, comments, submissions, and support for the past three years. Thank you to our staff who contribute many, many hours every month to read and comment on submissions, choose the line-up, and communicate with authors. It is no small thing to publish new work every single day. But it is our passion to share poetry aimed at a general audience and we like to let writers know why their work is or isn’t accepted. We will continue to work hard to maintain professional standards that help make Every Day Poets the best it can be.

November is a month filled with assorted holidays and observances: All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Guy Fawkes Night, International Men’s Day, Thanksgiving, St. Andrew’s Day, independence days for various countries. The Leonids meteor shower reaches its peak near the middle of the month. Many of us will honor Remembrance Day or Veterans’ Day, depending on which country we live in. For November 11, we have scheduled Oscar Windsor-Smith, who is publishing his poetry with us for the first time. We hope his work moves you as much as it moved us. Other newcomers include Matthew Christian Borkowski, Jennifer Pitzer, Ira Smolensky, Mary Alice Endicott, Allison Davies, CG Olsen, and David Harker. Welcome to all.

Wherever you live, there is always something to celebrate, something to see, something to spark your creativity. One of the pleasures of being part of a poetry journal with an international audience is just this sort of realization: we all have observances that make our existence meaningful and communal. Poetry can extend that meaning to reach others. Poetry is a communal gift.

So go forth and read. See what you think. And stay with us for the next three years. The best, as they say, is yet to come.

- Kathleen Cassen Mickelson, Assistant Managing Editor

Happy Birthday from Oonah

 Nov 1 Matthew Christian Borkowski Alongside the Dokigawa
 Nov 2 Jennifer Pitzer “Chicks With Sticks”
 Nov 3 Mary Stone The Best Way To Lie
 Nov 4 Barry Napier Demolished Tongues
 Nov 5 Ron. Lavalette The New Echolalia
 Nov 6 William Dexter Wade Meteorology With Morning Coffee
 Nov 7 Ira  Smolensky The Writer in the Window
 Nov 8 Richard M. O’Donnell Shakespeare Weeps
 Nov 9 Theodore E. Hovey Storm
 Nov 10 Magdalen Light on Immigration
 Nov 11 Oscar Windsor-Smith Farewell Sweet Molly Brown
 Nov 12 Kent Reed Letting Go
 Nov 13 CDSinex Be Still (Pantoum)
 Nov 14 Mary Alice Endicott A Gentle Inner Protest, Supermarket
 Nov 15 Christie Isler Family Matters
 Nov 16 Angel Zapata Birthright
 Nov 17 Charles W. Kiley III Lucid Dream
 Nov 18 Allison Davies Why I Don’t Like Hyacinths
 Nov 19 Wesley Dylan Gray Chasing Light
 Nov 20 CG Olsen Amateur Astronomy
 Nov 21 Michael Bagwell Dawn
 Nov 22 Karen Jones Drip
 Nov 23 David Harker Tsunami Time
 Nov 24 Sue Morgan Pennisetum Clandestinum (African Grass)
  Nov 24 Robin Sue Herrnfeld Editor’s View On Writing An Etheree
 Nov 25 Rewa Zeinati EXAMPLE
 Nov 26 Irena Pasvinter Lucky
 Nov 27 Marion Clarke Carlingford Lough
 Nov 28 Lucie M. Winborne Diana’s Rainbow
 Nov 29 Kaolin Imago Fire we burn our world–
 Nov 30 Rick Hartwell Awaiting Winter


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  • Ron.

    I’m talking you (us) up at Scrambled, Not Fried

  • Camille Gooderham Campbell

    Happy Birthday, EDP! Here’s to many more years of fine poetry!

  • Kathleen Cassen Mickelson

    And a happy celebration of five years of great short fiction to you at EDF, Camille!

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