REUNION • by Bill West

Is this the Winter reunion
we expected?

Death waits patient
through the gentle hour.

Beyond the window
your daffodils
purse brittle lips
the returning sun.

Bill West wrote poetry as a teenager but stopped. In 2004 he started writing Flash Fiction and has been published widely. Only recently has he revisited poetry.

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REUNION • by Bill West, 1.9 out of 5 based on 34 ratings
Posted on March 21, 2011 in Literary, Poems
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  • rumjhum biswas

    Crisp and evocative. Powerful poem Bill!

  • jennifer walmsley

    Lovely Bill.

    Wonderful line: your daffodils purse brittle lips.

  • Sandra Crook

    Neat, concise and expressive. Great!

  • http://EveryDayPoets Art Spelman

    I like this a lot….thanks for it.

  • Jennifer Stakes

    This is a wonderfully controlled poem that exactly sums up this time of year!

  • Roberta Schulberg aka Roberta SchulbergGoro

    Wonderful evocative contrast between the brittleness of lips pursed to kiss the day and the gentleness of failure in death.

  • Roberta Schulberg aka Roberta SchulbergGoro

    Also very fine is the contrast between impatient anticipation of life and the gentle resignation of awaiters of death.

  • Robin

    I think this is beautiful, and, oh, so sad.

  • John Im

    the opening question prepares you for the answer given
    by the daffodils waiting to be kissed by the returning
    sun: our own natural instinct that we will return to
    life may not be answered in the dying of our own
    light. Wonderfully done, the question concentrates
    our anguish around the answer of mortality.

  • Douglas Campbell

    Fine evocation, in so few words, of the link between sorrow and hope, and between death and the unstoppable emergence of new life. Great job!

  • peterman

    “purse brittle lips” says so very much. So nicely done.

  • Bill West

    Thank you all for reading and for your kind comments.


  • Fehmida

    Loved this, beautiful poem!

  • Colin Galbraith

    I really enjoyed this poem – very precise, evocative and pleasant to read. Thanks Bill.

  • nan shartel

    blown away by this one!!!

  • Bill West

    Thank you Fehmida, thanks Colin.

  • Bill West

    Thank you nan

  • Kirsty Gillies

    Lovely poem and ‘purse brittle lips’ is a wonderful image, Bill.

  • Noreen Braman

    wonderful poem.

  • Bill West

    Thank you for your kind comments Kirsty and Noreen.


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