Pseudo-science marketing keeps
the fat execs happy
while great shows are canceled
“before their prime”—it’s time, though:
dunces kept plump in confederacy, one step
from conspiracy; they don’t know their own use,
the truth of conventional wisdom: boob tube,
idiot box siphoning the best thoughts.

Mankind the medium for the alien harvest,
SETI’s at home running the show. Their search,
the depth and breadth of absurdity, insanity, inanity,
depravity. Our quantum brains process problems
encoded in every broadcast, time-share
computation of the unknowable, reality itself
to fifteen chaotic places. This is the human race—

Ten billion strong, and growing faster
than Moore’s law, a hypernode connection of
google-flops of power processing

until a solution is achieved,
the show allowed to end. Unearthly postdocs
sift meaning from all
the hidden neural networks; argue the merits
of drama, action, comedy, adventure
and scientific research.



Kaolin Imago Fire  is a conglomeration of ideas, side projects, and experiments. Outside of his primary occupation, he also develops computer games, edits Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine, and very occasionally teaches computer science. He has had poetry published in Strange Horizons, Every Day Weirdness, and Bull Spec, among others.

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THE TRUTH OF TELEVISION SHOW CANCELLATIONS • by Kaolin Imago Fire, 1.7 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
Posted on September 24, 2012 in Humour/Satire, Poems
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  • Eliza Divine

    Very thoughtful. I like it. I like how you dissect the processes of people and corporate entities that have no depth.

  • Suzanne Conboy-Hill

    Reads like a linguistically sophisticated rap! I liked the feel and the rhythm, and the energy of it took me charging along to the end, clanking my imaginary bling!

  • Kaolin Fire

    Thanks both =) I had a lot of fun with the poem. And who knows…right? ;) :)

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