THEORIES OF EVERYTHING (T.O.E.s) • by Monica Goldberg

None of the current T.O.E.s
give a structure to matter
that explains the special
relativity corrections to
mass length and time
until starched white
sheets are pulled tight
against his chest and
he finds the time to ponder
tumours and the digital pattern
of his holographic toe
or propose a theory
about T.O.E.s in ancient times
or people that hide time
in their different parts
hands/ knees/ elbows/ feet
and pretend they can’t find
even the heart line
that reaches Jupiter
then turns downwards
leaning  towards mystery
and the time that was after all
not on his toe but on his hands
well hidden between the index
and saturn its removal
unnoticed until they whispered with
medical haste and misguided faith
that it protrudes above venus
and below the line
that is broken faded
and embedded into no body
but missing fragmented and
chained to people like us
and hands that have too little
time and others that have vast
amounts floating on white
defending cells  lines and toes
life is sometimes like that

Monica Goldberg is an Australian surrealist writer and artist based in Melbourne Australia. She has been published in numerous print and online journals.

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THEORIES OF EVERYTHING (T.O.E.s) • by Monica Goldberg, 1.6 out of 5 based on 23 ratings
Posted on September 23, 2010 in Surreal
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  • Roberta SchulbergGoro

    Although the larger picture has been given due consideration, closer to home, are you (we) given any knowledge of what he’s doing in that time of day before he settles in under the starched sheets? That seems to be the undisclosed mystery.

  • Garth

    Brilliant, evocative poem, breathtaking to read and absorb. Wonderful work!

  • G Westall

    Lovely piece!

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