Welcome to Every Day Poets. We’re delighted to have you join us.

One of the best facets of an online magazine is its interactivity. We welcome and encourage your participation, both by rating and commenting on the poems and by joining discussions on our forums.

The Star Rating System

The star rating system is a voting system that allows us to see how well a particular poem is received by our readership. It helps us understand our readership’s interests and preferences.

Below every story, underneath the text “Rate this Poem”, there are five stars outlined in grey. Some of them may or may not be filled in with dark gold, depending on whether votes have already been placed. When you hold your mouse pointer over the stars, they become highlighted in bright gold — one star (to the left with only the one star highlighted) is the lowest vote you can give, and five stars (to the right with all five stars highlighted) is the highest vote you can give. When you click, your vote is recorded.

Vote-changing after you’ve clicked is not an available feature of the system, so please click carefully.

Guidelines for Commenting on Poems

Everyone is welcome to comment on the poems. You do not need to log in or create an account to do so. Your email address is required but will be kept strictly confidential.

You should be aware that EDP is a magazine, not a workshopping/critique site. We allow reader comments because many authors appreciate the feedback they receive. Feedback as to what specifically worked or did not work for you, and technical analysis that can be applied to the author’s general and future writing, are generally the most valuable comments for our authors. Since any poem in EDP has by definition already been published by us, suggestions as to how the author could change or rewrite it are of little practical use.

We don’t expect everyone to like every poem, and you’re welcome to comment regardless of whether you liked the piece — differing opinions are a given, and criticism is welcome, but please keep all comments courteous and respectful. We do not tolerate abuse. The comments are NOT intended as a place for gratuitous cruelty and hurtful put-downs, and while we don’t like to censor anyone, we find ourselves occasionally forced to delete mean-spirited remarks that cross boundaries of respect and common courtesy. People who abuse the privilege of commenting can and will have their nasty comments removed (and, if necessary, their IP addresses flagged as a source of spam). Fortunately, the vast majority of our commenters are helpful and supportive even when delivering a less-than-glowing opinion, and we value that.

Please keep comments focused on the poem in question. General comments for Every Day Poets should be directed to  EDP’s Letters to the Editor and Site Suggestions section of the forums. Other discussions that segue away from the story can also be transferred to the forums to be debated in full without taking away from a discussion of the poem at hand.


For more information about Every Day Poets, please see Every Day Publishing’s list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • Amie Ilva Tatem-Araaya

    To my fellow poets:
    This is my lucky day — as I just discovered Everyday Poets. How? By reading a short story by Oonah Joslin on Every Day Fiction. I’ve been working on a few short stories to submit — but, in my heart of hearts, I wanted to submit poetry! How, I wondered, cluelessly? duh….and then I had to be clunked over the head, today, when I read Ms. Joslin’s story…and info about her. What? There is an Everyday Poets!!! Thank you for that clunk — and for Oonah Joslin’s poignant story. Needless to say..it made my day. I also think its kind of serendipitous that you guys are based in Vancouver — a place I’ve been trying to get to for ten years.
    Amie Ilva Tatem-Araaya
    1100 Clove Road – 3A
    Staten Island, NY 10301

  • Amie Ilva Tatem-Araaya

    thank you!
    things are looking up –{–@

  • Susie Dunne

    I loved it.

    Excellent piece Sue

    5 big stars for you ;-))))))very well done to you.